Creating a Food Forest

Working close to the nature

During Covid, I was spending most of the time sitting at home.

Growing our own food

I was a person who never stayed in one place continuously for more than 15 days for about 10 years and that was when the entire world came across the Covid pandemic. 

During the covid lock down, I was stuck at home and wondering what should I be doing to use my time productively. 

I was always interested in natural farming and wanted to grow my own food in the most natural way. 

After doing some research, I found out that the process for buying farm lands in Karnataka is relatively simple. Since the government has simplified the process, it is now easier for people to buy agricultural land in Karnataka. Here are the steps involved in buying farmland in Karnataka.

Creating a food forest 

One of my friends had very recently got some farm land and was also planning something similar. I visited his farm couple of times and even he helped me a lot to find a farm land near Mysore. 

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